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Everything Wrong With CinemaSins: The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift in 10 Minutes or Less

CinemaSins is an awesome channel, and I love their content. But, just as «No Movie Is Without Sin», No Channel is Without Sin. This time, I flip the script and sin CinemaSins’ The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift video. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I actually REALLY enjoy CinemaSins, and am only making fun of them here. I do not hate them, nor am I a «hater». This video is all in ...[Read More]

Hitman 2 Colombia gameplay — 25 minutes of Santa Fortuna brutality

Ben explores Hitman 2’s new Colombia level, Santa Fortuna, and becomes a tattoo artist in order to kill a cartel leader. He takes a selfie along the way for good measure. Read our full preview at PCGamesN: ► Subscribe here: ◄ Visit us at: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: #Hitman2 #SantaFortuna #PCGamesN

Warframe Fortuna Gameplay — 8 Minutes of Hoverboards, Fishing, and the New Garuda Frame

Get a new look at what’s coming in Warframe’s ambitious new Fortuna update: a frosty new open world and neon-soaked city, Hoverboard traversal, and Vendors stocked up with new gear. Fortuna releases this November, with the new Garuda Frame — as featured in this video — following shortly after. ► Subscribe here: ◄ Visit us at: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: #Warframe #Fortuna #P...[Read More]

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