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Drift Away — The Band Geeks with John Castellano

Our Cover of «Drift Away» by Dobie Gray, featuring Richie’s dad, John Castellano. subscribe at www.riotcast,com John Castellano — Vocals/Guitar Richie Castellano — Bass/Vocals Ann Marie Castellano — Vocals Andy Ascolese — Drums additional keys and guitars by Richie & Andy video by Brandi Metaxas

F-Zero GX — Big Blue Drift Highway — 0'43"069

Input display version: I’m still wondering how the hell I managed to pull this off. For those unaware, the new strat for this level is to simply do a side attack when you exit the second MTSISB (at 0:30). This makes it very likely to get a double shiftboost, and the course just gets broken in half from there. —————- Best Laps: 18″316 + 12″898 + 11...[Read More]

Micah Diaz vs Amanda Sorensen at the Drift League

Top 16 battle between Micah Diaz and Amanda Sorensen at irwindale speedways Drift League Presented by Moto iQ.

Un dia cualquiera haciendo Drift en antofagasta

Visit us on our website : https:—

Hiking Drift Creek Falls — Lincoln City, Oregon

Day trip in Dan The Van to hike Drift Creek Falls. This is one of my favorite hikes on the coast! In the summer there are wild berries, and the waterfall is gorgeous. After we crossed the suspension bridge, we climbed down to the river to check out the waterfall from a different viewpoint. For more adventures, check out: Instagram- @Explores_Outdoors

FM6: 1 Lap around test track in F1 drift car

thought i show what my drifting is like in camera view with my F1 car We have a Forza team page on Facebook: Hope you like this video and i’ll see you all later! Xbox GT: Dark Bulbasaurx Twitter: Bulbasaur_555 Twitch: Dark_Bulbasaur_555 Instagram: Dark_Bulbasaurx_gaming

Sonic Drift 2 — Blue GP Speedrun in 0:10:41.77 [Current World Record]

Death Egg wasn’t great but it never is. Only one unavoidable win (losses are faster and on purpose to avoid the signpost drop when you win), mostly good driving, good time. Retimed for accurate centiseconds since this game can definitely be optimised to the same second. Stay Connected: Twitter: Patreon: Twitch stream: Discord server: Speedrun profile:

Continental Drift — Things the dove can hold inside its beak

Released April 17, 2017 Lyrics: I said i’m not sure if i’m more scared of death itself or just dying alone you said don’t panic, baby, maybe one day we’ll die but first we’ll make a home the sky is purple bruised and clouded over and you’re pointing out dragonflies and local ghost hauntings, a heart snaps clean in two and out pours cold saltwater and wanting, oh, wanting this is something li...[Read More]

Lamborghini FAIL Drift !

This owner was playing on the wet with the Lamborghini and failed his first drift but succeeded the second one ! My Facebook page : At Grand-Est-Supercars meeting :

Отзывы реальных игроков о Казино онлайн Дрифт Drift. Интернет игровые автоматы. Гаминаторы не вулкан

18+ Пишите отзывы в комментариях о Казино онлайн Дрифт. ✅ ПРОВЕРЕННЫЕ КАЗИНО — ______________________________________________________ ✅ Вступайте в Телеграмм канал — ______________________________________________________ ✅ Подписывайтесь на еще один Канал YouTube — ______________________________________________________ ✅ Смотрите так же: Обзор Casino-X — Обзор Казино Play F...[Read More]

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