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Hitman 2 | Let's Play — Santa Fortuna [Colombia]

Uncut, unedited, casual noobplay + rambling. You’ve been warned.

HITMAN 2 | Shaman Shenanigans Challenge Pack Complete Walkthrough | 6 Challenges in 1 | Colombia

In this HITMAN 2 video walkthrough we’ll be covering all 6 challenges in 1 of the Shaman Shenanigans Challenge Pack in Santa Fortuna, Colombia including: . The Divination . The Hallowed Ground . The Altar Ritual . The Healing . The New Concoction . Shaman Shenanigans In completing these challenges you’ll unlock the Shaman Powder as an alternative to a concussion device. Thanks very muc...[Read More]

Hitman 2 Colombia gameplay — 25 minutes of Santa Fortuna brutality

Ben explores Hitman 2’s new Colombia level, Santa Fortuna, and becomes a tattoo artist in order to kill a cartel leader. He takes a selfie along the way for good measure. Read our full preview at PCGamesN: ► Subscribe here: ◄ Visit us at: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: #Hitman2 #SantaFortuna #PCGamesN

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